Does temperature range even matter?

Many people complaint about the burnt cake, uncooked or burnt biscuits. So, which should be blamed. It is not youit is you who selected wrong temperature to ccok. There are many ovens which do not set at the temperature you sets. It is always 40° more than the set temperature. Read on to find out how oven temperature affects cooking and see the consequences of baking at the wrong temperature.

How temperature of your oven affect your food

You can do a simple experiment by your own if you want to check personally. According to a research it is shown that even a change of 20° can have a remarkable effect on your food’s appearance as well as it’s taste. The same thing applies to other dishes. You may have noticed that sometime your food is not ready on time and sometime it burns before the time. Here is the result of the experiment done by using a simple cake.

At 140 °C
The cake was sunken at the centre and was not cooked properly.
At 160° C
The cake was perfect. It was risen perfectly, evenly baked and colour was also good.
At 180°C
The cake was not risen evenly. There were burnts on the edges. The surface was darker.
At 200C°

The cook was risen very irregularly. It was burnt at the edges and the surfaces was darker. Base and the edges have become much harder while centre is still soft.

This experiment suggests that 160°C is the perfect temperature for the cakes. There are lots of reactions going in the inside of your oven. High temperature will burn your food and make it harder at surface and you can not eat this. While cooking at low temperature will slow the cooking process and you may end up having a denser cake. So be attentive while buying your oven.

Can oven be inaccurate? If yes, then how often.

You will find many features in ovens. There is hi tech ovens also available on market just to tempt you. Some have steam cooking, self cleaning features some are remote controlled and some are operable from apps in your phone. But, this is not enough. This all hi tech specifications does not mean that they have their basics of oven right. In a recent test an oven was soared to 220°C while it was sets up at the 180°C. Your oven can be one of this kind.

How to bake your food well
Do not open the oven door.
It can cause a disaster due to sensitive food items like sponges, soufflés etc.
Do not overfill the oven.

Overfilling of oven can be disastrous as food may explode due to the gas they release while baking.
Measure your ingredients carefully.
The amount of ingredients in your food matters a lot if you want a better taste.
Use foil.

Using foil over the surface can save your food from burning it’s surface.
Now you know how to achieve brilliant results, make sure you get an oven that will help rather than hinder you.…